Multiplayer 2 Player Sudoku online Videos

Below are Challenger Sudoku, 2 player sudoku videos.

Multiplayer sudoku games

This is a video of a live 2 player sudoku game between Simeon and Dinko .. watch and see who won!

Challenger Sudoku allows you to play online sudoku with friends.

Me vs the Wife

This is me playing against my wife in 2 player Sudoku. We have our screens side by side to record the game play so you can see how players play sudoku against each other. Challenger Sudoku lets you play sudoku online against others.

Sudoku against others

The best Sudoku game ever! This is me annihilating someone at Challenger Sudoku. I let them have that 1 main red box… but only 1! Are you up for the Challenge? Play here now! The players name has been hidden as Anonymous to protect the embarrassed!

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Challenger Sudoku - Game 01

Watch a match between Simeon (@Sim2K), the creator of Challenger Sudoku and another opponent. Who Wins ??? Watch and Find Out.

Me playing online sudoku against a friend - Game 2

This is me playing online sudoku with friend. Watch and see who wins!

Me playing online sudoku against a friend - Game 3

Me and my friend are playing the multiplayer sudoku game, challenger sudoku. Its a 2 player sudoku online game. Watch and see who wins.

Get practising because we are looking to do national championships in 2015!

You can play sudoku free here!


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