How to play 2 player Sudoku – Challenger Sudoku

The game is played by 2 players online logging into the Facebook App and choosing a player to challenge. Players can be anywhere in the world but must be logged into Facebook. Once a challenge is accepted, both players are shown the exact same Sudoku game grid, with teh exact same numbers at exactly the same time on their computer screens. They both try and get as many points as possible by completing squares with correct numbers for which they are awarded with 9 points for each correct entry. Incorrect numbers loose you 7 points which are then transferred over to the other player during the game. Consecutive incorrect entries looses you 14 points to your challenger. 3 mistakes in a row looses you 21 points to your challenger …. so DON’T GUESS!


Main points are achieved through bonus points. If you are the 1st to complete a row or a column, you get 15 bonus points for that row or column. If you complete a Main Square 1st, (9 individual squares make up a main scare), you get 30 bonus points.

Green squares are worth 40 points each and there are only 3 in a game. Get these bonus points before the other player gets them. Winning or losing these bonus points could make or break your game.

Bonus points are given on a 1st come 1st serve basis. They only go to 1 player so you better be quick to make sure its YOU!!

When you win a row or column, it flash’s blue on your screen and flashes red on your opponents screen. When you complete a main square 1st and get the 30 points bonus, the main square goes blue on your screen and red on their screen (9 individual squares make up a main scare). You get no points for correct entry onto a red square but you still loose points if you get it wrong so still be careful. This is how Challenger Sudoku is played. Using the colours, you can see how far your opponent has progressed in the game without seeing what numbers they have put in. Smart isn’t it.

This is an exciting 2 player game which is played over the net. It’s better than playing it on paper or by yourself.

Here is a video of me and the wife playing against each other. This was her 1st time playing Challenger Sudoku on Facebook or Sudoku in general so I went really easy on her. This is just so you can see how responsive the game is and how what I do on my screen affects what happens on her screen and visa-versa. Don’t worry, we wasn’t cheating by looking at each other’s screen. Honest! Lol


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