What is 2 Player Sudoku?

What is 2 Player Sudoku

The name of this 2 player Sudoku app is called ‘Challenger Sudoku’ and it is the 1st ever online App that allows players around the world to play each other at a LIVE game of 2 player Sudoku! That’s right, 2 PLAYER!

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‘Challenger Sudoku’ lets players challenge their friends and others on Facebook to complete a Sudoku puzzle with greater speed, strategic thinking and cunning than their opponents. While retaining the familiar layout of Sudoku’s nine box grids it also borrows familiar gaming elements from traditional games such as Battleships, Scrabble and Chess as well as modern contenders like Words with Friends and Draw Something to create a whole new experience for fans of the world’s most popular numbers game.

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Devised by games designer Simeon Williams and developed by Bappz, Challenger Sudoku aims to transform Sudoku from a compelling but limited one player paper game to an exciting two player challenge where speed and strategy require players to complete lines and boxes for bonus points and ultimately complete the Sudoku puzzle before their opponent does. It literally raises the game. Never has a real-time, 2 player Sudoku game app existed, until now!

Players are rated on a global leader board where their positioning is dependent upon the number of wins, losses and points earned during challenges. There are 5 player levels in Challenger Sudoku, and with more wins the players progress to become Senpai, Sensei, Grand Master and then eventually, the best players can achieve the level of Sudoku Samaria. Players should not get complacent, as multiple losses and inactivity will result in demotion of status. Only the best players stay on top.

The game of Sudoku was popularised in Japan, therefore we have embraced Japanese traditions and everyone starts Challenger Sudoku equally as a novice or Minarai working up to Sudoku Samaria. This grading allows players to challenge those on the same level as themselves, but they must also watch out for up and coming Sensei’s, out to make a name for themselves.

How the idea was born?

I was online one day and was scrolling down a webpage and scrolled past an article that was titled “Challenger Sudoku”. I stopped and quickly scrolled backup thinking I had come across a new type of 2 player Sudoku game. Turned out I had misread it as I had scrolled past the article title. It actually said, “Sudoku is Challenging” but that had already got my mind working … is it possible to challenge someone to a game of Sudoku? I looked online and at that moment, it was not possible at all but within 24hrs I had written down 90% of what you see here right now!


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